Friday, April 22, 2011


For Good Friday I was inspired by music sent to me by a dear friend this morning, to post paintings of the Passion of Christ by one of my favorite artists, Caravaggio.  Considered lewd and pornographic in his day, the genius of Caravaggio is in his sensual and intimate relationships and portrayals of his subjects.  I am also posting clips from Derek Jarman's brilliant and anachronistic 1986 film, Caravaggio.
The first painting is the Betrayal of Christ when Judas kisses Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I know I may be going to hell for this, but check out the ass on the soldier reaching for Jesus.  Hot!  The second painting is Behold the Man or Ecco Homo.  Notice how tenderly and gently the guy behind Jesus is looking at him and placing the cloth on his shoulders.  The third is the Flagellation of Christ and I'll let those of you into BDSM figure that one out, and the fourth is the Entombment.  The last painting is The Ecstasy of St. Francis, which is my favorite and has nothing to do with Good Friday.

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