Friday, April 29, 2011


David looks smashing as usual, but I don't know about that hat Victoria.  And how does she walk in those shoes?  Just finished watching the Royal Wedding and I must admit to a bit of teary eyed joy for the newlyweds.  I have a good friend over there in the midst of it.  Can't wait to hear the stories. 


Warren said...

it's either:
a) someone threw a burnt pie at her and it is just about to connect
b) she's trying to do the '80s Grace-Jones-wild-hat thing...

miracleman said...

And how does she keep it on? Maybe it's hiding a new horn growth. And it's ok to smile Posh.

Warren said...

She can't smile, as the bolt through her jaw that the hat screws on to prevents it. How could you look so miserable with THAT beside you???

Anonymous said...

That is BDSM defined. This is what a dominatrix looks like and you know his balls are crushed by those spikes whenever the mood strikes that bitch on heels. Why else do you think his voice sounds the way it does?

Becks however was the most handsome man in Westminster but I'd still want Harry up my ass. Those two would make an awesome manwich.

Anonymous said...

i've seen some really less than attractive photos of "the man" lately. all the tattoos. almost like he's doing an "anti-hero" thing.
but when i saw him at the wedding, he looked positively smashing...drop dead handsome. wow!
no matter what you think of posh or her outfit, they do make a stunning couple though they didn't look too happy.