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Le Beau et Le Bête

An Erotic Fairy Tale

Based on the classic Fairy Tale, Beauty and the Beast, Le Beau et Le Bête is an erotic retelling of the story with a twist. Beau loves to be domestic and his two brothers make fun of him mercilessly. He also gets very hard whenever he gets frightened. Beau learns the joys of sex from the kitchen maid, the stable boy and the coachman’s son. The story follows the traditional narrative of the fairy tale and when the Beast turns back into the handsome prince, this is one fairy tale that ends with a very happy ending.

Once upon a time there was a rich merchant who had three very handsome sons. They lived in a beautiful mansion and had servants to wait on their every whim. The handsomest of the three was Beau, who was also the youngest. However, his two older brothers made fun of him because he was also very sensitive. They taunted and teased him whenever possible, but Beau also had a pure heart and he forgave them every time. Although very handsome, his brothers were lazy louts who did nothing but hunt, ride, party and gamble. Instead of horseback riding and hunting, Beau preferred to play music. Instead of going to parties and gambling, Beau preferred helping the cook in the kitchen and learning to spin and sew.
“What a sissy,” yelled Gaston, the eldest.
“Look at la marmiton covered in flour,” laughed Pierre, the middle brother.
Beau had just come out to the courtyard from the kitchen and was on his way to gather eggs from the hen house. He was helping the cook to bake a cake for their father’s birthday party later that evening. Gaston and Pierre were wrestling on the lawn as Beau passed by them. They had taken their shirts off, their tan muscular bodies glistening with sweat.

“Let’s get him and throw him into the fountain,” Gaston said to Pierre and they ran after Beau. Although he could run fast, he was no match for his older brothers. They grabbed him, wrestled him to the ground and began removing his clothes as Beau protested loudly.
“Look, Pierre, le demoiselle is hard. I think she likes it,” Gaston cried out as he pulled Beau’s under garments off his legs.
Gaston grabbed Beau’s legs and Pierre grabbed his arms as they carried Beau’s naked body to the large fountain, throwing him into the water, laughing as they ran away with his clothes. Beau felt ashamed because it had excited him when his brothers stripped him of his clothing. He waited until his erection had subsided, slowly climbed out of the fountain, crying tears of shame and humiliation. He covered himself with his hands as he walked back to the mansion where Celeste, the cook, helped him to dry off.
“Your brothers will regret the way they treated you one day, Beau, you’ll see,” she said as she dried his hair with a towel.
“I wish they could love me as I love them, Celeste.”
“Perhaps they will one day. They are young and foolish and very spoiled. God has thankfully blessed you with a forgiving and loving spirit, Beau, and one day they may repent their thoughtless ways.” She continued drying his body with the towel. “God has also blessed you with a beautiful body and a lovely cock and it seems that it is enjoying my attentions very much at the moment.” Beau had grown hard again much to his horror. Celeste reached down and gently wrapped her fingers around Beau’s lengthening cock as she stroked him tenderly. Beau felt the blood rush to his loins and to his face as he blushed with embarrassment. Celeste knelt down on the kitchen tiles and swallowed Beau’s rigid member, sucking hungrily. After a few moments, Beau’s mouth opened, his eyes bulged and he cried out softly as his juices gushed into Celeste’s eager throat. She licked him clean and wiped her mouth like a lady after lunch with the towel as she stood.
“That was delicious, Beau.” Celeste was still young and beautiful and had watched the boys grow from gangling youths into handsome and desirable young men. She had fallen in love with Beau, but had secretly been fucking Gaston and Pierre for almost a year.
“I..I’ve never felt.., oh, Celeste. you,” Beau stuttered as he wrapped himself in the towel and ran from the kitchen, his penis still stiff as a board.
Celeste smiled and walked out to the yard to gather the eggs for the cake. On her way she passed Gaston and Pierre still wrestling on the lawn. They stopped wrestling when they saw her walking by, her hips swaying invitingly. Quickly following her; they took turns fucking her behind the hen house.
Later that night after the birthday party for Beau’s father, a messenger brought disturbing news. Beau’s father had many ships bringing goods from all over the world. A severe tempest had fallen on his fleet of ships off the coast of France. They were all lost at sea with all the merchandise on board. The family was now penniless and had to sell the mansion and let the servants go.
It was a tearful parting on the day the boys had to say good-bye to Celeste. Even those good for nothings, Gaston and Pierre cried. Now that they were poor it would be harder to find a rich bride and with no servants to fuck, they didn’t know what they would do.
“Thank you for all your kindness and teaching me to cook, Celeste,” Beau said through his tears.
“It’s a good thing, because these two would surely starve,” she said gesturing at Pierre and Gaston, who stood by wiping away their tears.
They moved into a small farmhouse with the money they made from selling their house and possessions. Their father bought cows and sheep for the farm. Beau was busy from sunrise to sunset, cooking the meals and tending the livestock, while his ne’er do well brothers sat around all day drinking ale and making fun of him.
Beau had never been happier. He was in domestic heaven. He loved preparing the meals and caring for the sheep and cattle. He grew a garden with vegetables and flowers. His father was secretly proud of him and loved him dearly. The merchant’s wife had died in childbirth while giving birth to Beau and Beau’s father had always held a special place in heart for his youngest son, although at times he worried about him.
“Do you think Beau will ever meet a girl and get married?” he asked the elder brothers one day.
“Well, if he does he will certainly make some lucky girl a good wife,” laughed Gaston.
“Too bad he doesn’t have a decent dowry; we could marry him off to a rich widow,” chortled Pierre.
One day while Beau was milking the cows, his brothers snuck up behind him and grabbed him off the stool. They tore his clothes off him, tied him to a post in the barn and poured the bucket of milk over his naked struggling body. Poor Beau was as hard as a rock as he cried out, protesting to his brothers.
“Please untie me, brothers and I promise I will not tell Papa,” he pleaded.
“Oh, look, la bobonne is crying, Pierre. Perhaps we should let the cows lick the milk from his body,” Gaston snickered. Pierre cried out as he fell into the hay laughing. “His prick is as hard as a grind stone.”

At that moment the barn doors swung open and the sunlight flooded the barn. The cows mooed for they still needed milking as Pierre and Gaston ran through the open doors. Beau’s father stood in the doorway. When his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw his son naked, tied to the post, dripping in milk and as erect as a tall timber.
The merchant untied his son, helped him clean off the milk and get dressed. Together they finished milking the cows. While they milked the cows, Beau’s father told him that one of the ships in his fleet had escaped the storm and had recently sailed into port. He had to leave the next morning for the coast to see if there was any merchandise on board that could be sold to help them retrieve their fortune.
“You’ll be here alone with your brothers, Beau. I will make them swear they will not mistreat you again.” Beau’s father was unaware of all the other times his brothers had abused him, because Beau never told his father and he always forgave them. A tear fell down Beau’s cheek as he squeezed the teat of the cow and the milk squirted into the bucket between his legs.
The next morning the three brothers stood outside their farmhouse as their father prepared to ride to the coast. His horse was saddled and Beau had packed him food for the trip.
“When I sell the goods from the ship I will buy you all something special and bring it home; what would you like, my sons?”
“Bring me a new vest and jacket. I’m sick of these tattered clothes we’re forced to wear,” demanded Pierre.
“I want new stockings and shoes. These are all worn out,” said Gaston looking down at his torn hose and battered shoes.
Beau had tried to grow roses in the garden and could not get them to bloom. “Please bring me a rose from the coast, Father,” he said as his brothers rolled their eyes.
“Are you sure that is all you want, Beau?” his father asked.
“Yes, Father. I have everything I need,” Beau said.
“He just wants to make us look greedy,” whispered Pierre to Gaston. “I know his tricky ways.”
Beau hugged his father and kissed him on both cheeks. Their father rode off as the brothers watched his horse gallop over the hill.
Gaston and Pierre kept their promise and did not torment Beau in their father’s absence, because they feared their father would not let them have the things he promised to bring them home. So, Beau continued to cook, clean and care for the livestock, while his brothers loafed and drank their ale.
Beau’s father rode hard to the coast and arrived near nightfall. When he found the captain of the ship he was told that all the goods on board the ship had been sold to pay for the many debts the merchant had acquired since he lost his fortune. In the morning Beau’s father left the port and set off for home, saddened by his great loss. In his grief, he wandered into a dark forest and lost his way.
Just as the sun was setting, a storm fell upon the forest and a cold rain soaked the merchant. After wandering for an hour, he came upon a beautiful castle surrounded by tall trees, covered in vines. He rode into the courtyard and found no one to greet him. He found a stable filled with oats and hay. He tied his horse to a post and walked up the stone steps to the great doors of the castle. Just as he prepared to announce himself with the large knockers, the doors magically opened before him. He entered the cavernous hall with candles illuminating the vast rooms of the castle and fires burning brightly in fireplaces so large a tall man could enter without bending. His clothes magically dried in a moment. In one room an immense table was laden with freshly prepared foods and wine. The merchant looked around and called out, but no one replied, his voice echoing throughout the castle’s halls.

After he had eaten his fill, the merchant climbed the great staircase and found a room with a steaming bath prepared. Lovely aromatic odors wafted from the tub as he removed his clothing and settled into the hot water. His pores opened, the scents coming from the steam relaxing his body and his mind. He had never felt so soothed and calm in his life. He was also very aroused by the sensations and his cock had thickened. He stroked himself, remembering the wonderful times he and his wife had made love. It had been many years since he had lain with a woman and soon his seed was spread all over his stomach and chest. He rinsed himself and found a thick linen towel to dry his body. A luxurious robe was laid out on a chair and he covered his naked body with it.
In the next chamber a roaring fire warmed the air near a lavish bed with inviting coverlets and pillows, covered with a canopy of silks. Near the fire there was a chair and a table. On the table someone had poured a goblet of sweet wine. The merchant sat next to the fire, drinking the wine and enjoying the sensations his tired body and soul had not felt in years. He fell into a light sleep, dreaming of a handsome young prince in splendid clothing standing before him. He awakened, thinking he heard a sound in the room and expecting to see the prince. He sensed a presence, but saw no one as he checked all the corners and closets. He removed the robe, climbing naked into the soft sheets and soon was fast asleep in the wonderful bed of soft down feathers.
He awoke in the morning to the sound of birds outside his window. He had never felt so rested in his life. The air was soft and warm and charged with erotic energy. He stretched his naked body. He remembered dreaming again of the handsome young man standing next to his bed. The prince was naked and pleaded with the merchant to let him lie with him in the bed. The young man was handsome and well endowed and his cock grew rigid as he begged to sleep with the merchant. But the merchant was afraid and shunned the handsome youth. Thinking of the dream, his cock grew hard and he relieved the tension that it created in his body.

Next to the bed were fine new clothes that had been laid out for him, his old clothes were nowhere to be seen. He dressed and found a sumptuous breakfast prepared for him downstairs. He ate heartily and was soon ready to depart for home, when he remembered his promise to his sons. The merchant felt a deep remorse that he would not be able to bring the gifts they desired. As he passed through the garden of the castle on his way to his horse, he saw a rose bush with several beautiful red roses. He thought to himself that since the master of this magical place had been so hospitable, surely he would not mind the loss of a single rose for Beau. He plucked the rose and as he started for the stable, he heard the terrible roar of a ferocious beast. Before he was aware of what was happening, a great man-beast descended upon him, holding him tight in his grasp. The Beast had the body of a man and the head of lion with sharp fangs and claws and eyes that burned red like fire.
“How dare you!” he roared. “I have treated you with the utmost hospitality and this is how you repay me? By stealing one of my most prized possessions; my rose! Now you will surely die.”
“Please forgive me, I thought it a simple thing to pick a rose and it is the only thing my youngest son requested I bring home to him,” the merchant pleaded as he fell to his knees. “I beg of you, please spare my life.”
“What kind of a son asks for a rose?”
“He is most fair and sensitive and pure of heart. I love him dearly and he has a quiet nobility of spirit that his brothers lack,” replied the merchant.
The Beast was silent for a moment and then he spoke. “I will spare your life under one condition; in three month’s time you must send your son in your place to die. He must agree to come willingly or you will return in three months in his stead.”
The merchant was stunned. He started to cry, but thought to himself that he could buy himself some time, agreeing to the Beast’s conditions, but knowing in his heart he would return himself after he had bid farewell to his sons.
The merchant mounted his horse and rode out of the courtyard more sorrowful than when he left the port the previous day. He stopped at a stream to drink and when he got back on his horse, he noticed two large bags that were not there before. When he opened them he found more gold and silver than he had ever known in his richest days.
Beau had taken the sheep to a valley where he knew the grass was new and sweet. As they fed, he played his flute. His music filled the valley. The merchant, who was returning home, heard the beautiful sounds and knew he was near. Beau saw his father approaching and leapt to his feet, running to greet him. They embraced, but Beau sensed that something was wrong.
“Father, what is it? Weren’t you able to sell the goods?”
“No, I was not, but I have more money than I ever had,” he said and showed Beau the bags of silver and gold. He brought out the rose that had remained as fresh as it was when he picked it.
“Oh, Father, it’s beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rose so red.”
The merchant looked at his son and saw his joy as tears fell from his eyes.
“Father, you have returned with more money than you have ever known, you brought me my rose, so why are you so sad?”
“I cannot say, my son. Just be happy that I am home and you have your rose.”
When Beau’s brothers saw the silver and gold their father had brought home, they danced a jig. They were quite drunk from the ale and fell laughing in the dirt.
The merchant bought back his mansion and hired back all his servants. Celeste returned to the kitchen, but Beau was very unhappy. He watched his father and saw his sadness. He was also sad that he no longer did all the cooking and chores for the family. He missed his life of domesticity.
Beau helped in the kitchen, working alongside Celeste, but it was not the same. Celeste saw his disappointment and sadness and would give him things to do to cheer him up.
“Beau, I need some parsley and tarragon from the herb garden. Would you gather them for me please?” she asked one day.
Beau set off for the garden with his shears and a basket. On the way he passed the stables and decided to check on his horse. As he entered the stable barn, he heard a soft moaning coming from one of the stalls. He quietly crept to the stall and peered through the slats.

Inside the stall, Antoine, the stable boy, was sucking hungrily on the cock of Louis, the coachman’s son. Louis arched his back and thrust himself into Antoine’s mouth while Antoine stroked his own cock furiously. Louis moaned and groaned as Antoine gagged and choked on his enormous prick. Beau grew hard in a moment and soon had his cock out, pumping feverishly with his hand. Louis had his eyes closed and his head thrown back. He lay in the hay with his pants around his ankles, his chemise thrown to the side. Antoine was completely naked with his round firm ass pointed towards Beau. Louis looked up and saw Beau’s eyes staring at him through the wooden slats. He jumped up, startling Antoine, who turned to see what Louis had seen. Both boys covered themselves, turning red with shame.
“Please, Monsieur, do not tell the master,” they pleaded.
Beau opened the stall door and stood before them with his erect cock. “I promise not to say a word if you teach me what you were doing,” he said.
The boys spent the rest of the afternoon sucking and fucking in the hay. Beau came three times. Once in Antoine’s mouth, who told him his cum tasted like sweet cream, and once on Louis back after he had fucked him. The last time was while all three boys raced to see who could cum the fastest while they stood and jerked themselves into the hay. Antoine won the race as his sperm shot across the hay and all three boys fell back in the stall laughing and worn out.

As the third month approached, the merchant grew more melancholy than ever. One night Beau came to him in his chambers.
“Father, what is the source of all your sadness?”
The merchant decided to confide in Beau, explaining the Beast’s conditions.
“You must not return to the Beast, Father. I will go.”
The merchant protested, but Beau was determined and set off the next morning on horseback. Following his father’s directions he came to the castle in the forest. Beau was amazed at the beauty of the castle and its gardens. He stopped at the roses and inhaled deeply of their lovely aroma.
The great hall was just as his father had described with a table set by invisible hands. Beau admired the cutlery, china and damask linens. He was running his hands over the table cloth when he heard footsteps behind him.
Beau gasped as he beheld the Beast and prepared to die. He closed his eyes as everything went black.
When he came to, Beau found that he was in the bed chamber on the second floor in the very bed his father had slept in. He sat up and saw that he was nude. His clothes were nowhere to be found. Beau could not help noticing the sheets in the bed that were made from the finest linens and cotton. He ran his hand over the spread. In the corner he noticed new clothes had been laid out for him. He called out to see if anyone was near, and slowly crept from the bed. As he walked past the open door, he saw the tub steaming with hot water, smelling of aromatic oils and perfumes. He looked around and decided that if he was to die that night, he might as well die clean. Beau sank into the water and sighed.

He opened his eyes and there before him was the Beast. He sat up in the tub as the Beast spoke.
“Please don’t be afraid, Beau. I only want to look upon your loveliness. I will not kill you as I told your father. I had hoped you would come and that you would come willingly. Did you come of your own accord, Beau?”
“Yes, I could not bear the thought of my father dying and so I came in his place,” Beau replied.
The Beast sat down and watched Beau. Beau was frightened and when he was afraid you know what happens. He hid his erect cock as best he could.
“Please lie back and enjoy the warmth of the water, Beau,” said the Beast.
Beau tried to relax as he lay back and covered himself as best he could, although his hard cock was more than he could hide. He felt invisible hands washing and massaging his body. The Beast sat up and watched very closely as Beau soon shot his fluids into the air. Beau cried out as he tried to hide himself with shame.
“Please don’t be embarrassed by your body, Beau. You are a beautiful young man and should be proud,” said the Beast.
Beau was burning with embarrassment as his face flushed bright red. The Beast handed him a towel. Beau stood up and allowed the Beast to cover him with the towel.
“I will leave you now and I hope you will join me for supper,” said the Beast. When Beau turned around the Beast had vanished. Beau dried his body, quickly dressing in the new clothes the Beast had prepared for him. He came down the stairs and found the Beast seated at the table before a roaring fire. Beau sat opposite him at the table.
“Please eat without me. I have already dined, but you should enjoy the food while I watch,” said the Beast. “I like watching you Beau. I watched you while you slept after you fainted. I carried you up the stairs and undressed you. Your father is a handsome man and when he told me he had a son, I knew I had to see you.”
Beau ate his meal in silence, his fear of the Beast gradually subsiding. The Beast excused himself, leaving Beau to make his way to the bedroom alone. Beau undressed but felt the presence of the Beast everywhere. He settled into the soft downy luxury of the bed and was soon fast asleep.

In the middle of the night Beau dreamed of a handsome prince who came to his bedside. The prince was unclothed and he pleaded with Beau to let him climb into the bed with him. Beau pulled the covers up to his neck and refused the handsome prince. As Beau stared at the beautiful body of the prince, everything inside him longed to take the prince in his arms, but Beau was afraid he would anger the Beast by sleeping with the prince. The prince pleaded with Beau and the more he pleaded, the harder his prick became. Beau’s cock had grown hard too as he lay shivering with fear.
The next morning Beau woke up tangled in the sheets and a great wet spot stained the sheets under him. He quickly jumped from the bed. The bath had magically been drawn for him again. As he sank into the water, unseen hands massaged his body, soaping him and scrubbing his limbs. Beau relaxed, allowing himself to enjoy the sensations. He closed his eyes as the invisible hands washed his cock and balls. He felt hands between his legs tickling his puckered hole. He came on his stomach while invisible fingers probed his ass.
Day after day, Beau would find his meals prepared, his bath drawn and new clothes laid out for him. Everyday the Beast would sit with Beau while he ate and ask him if he was happy and if he would stay with him forever as his companion and lover. Beau would tell the Beast that he would stay with him, but he could not be his lover. Every night the handsome prince would come to Beau in his dreams and request to sleep with him and every night Beau would refuse the prince for fear of angering the Beast.
Beau soon grew bored and tired of his life of luxury. He asked the Beast if he would allow him to return home for a visit to his father and his brothers.
“I will let you return if you promise to stay for only one week,” replied the Beast. Beau promised and the Beast gave him a magic mirror and ring. The mirror would allow him to see what was happening at the castle and the ring would magically return him home if he turned it three times on his finger.
Beau jumped from his horse and embraced his father. His brothers stood back, jealous of Beau’s beautiful clothes and perplexed to see that he was still alive. Beau went straight to the kitchen to help Celeste prepare the evening meal.

The next day Beau went searching for his good friends Antoine and Louis. The boys ran to the river, throwing off their clothes and diving into the cool water. They frolicked and splashed one another and soon found their way to the shore where they took turns fucking and sucking each other.
The week soon came to a close and Beau’s brothers, jealous of his new found fortune, convinced him to stay longer.
“Surely the Beast has grown fond of you and would not harm you if you stayed with us for another week.” They even forced a tear or two as they secretly hoped that it would anger the Beast and he would kill Beau when he returned. Beau agreed to stay. Each day he cooked with Celeste and played with Antoine and Louis.
After another week had passed, Beau was laying naked in the sun next to the river with Antoine and Louis when he thought of the Beast and his kindness. He remembered the Beast’s requests to stay with him forever and be his lover. Beau started to cry for he felt he had been unkind to the Beast and had broken his promise to return in a week. He quickly dressed, running to the mansion where he found the magic mirror and gazed into it.
The Beast appeared in the mirror. Beau saw that the Beast was lying in the garden and appeared to be dying. Beau’s heart was struck with a fear that he was the cause and that the Beast was dying of a broken heart. He set down the mirror and twisted the ring three times on his finger. Suddenly he was magically transported to the castle before the dying Beast. The Beast appeared to be dead as Beau fell to his knees and took the Beast into his arms. Beau cried, his tears falling on the eyes of the Beast. The Beast opened his eyes and saw Beau holding him. Beau leaned down and kissed the Beast. As he held the Beast he felt something happening in the Beast’s great body. In an instant the Beast was transformed into the handsome prince who came to Beau’s bed nightly. The prince reached up and gently took Beau’s face in his hands, bringing his lips to his own as they kissed deeply.
The prince carried Beau into the castle and up the stairs. “Now may I make love to you, Beau?” he asked as he gently set him on the bed.

Beau smiled as he removed the prince’s clothing from his body. Soon they were both naked and fell into the bed. They ran their hands over one another’s bodies. Beau licked the prince’s nipples, gently biting them as they grew hard. The Prince stroked Beau’s cock, licking the moisture that formed at the head before swallowing it to the base. Beau arched his back, letting out a small cry. They explored each other’s bodies with the curiosity of a child; kissing and probing with their tongues and fingers. Beau cried out with pleasure as the prince penetrated him, his legs in the air and the prince hovering above him. The prince gently thrust his hips deep into Beau as Beau met him thrust for thrust. Slowly the prince increased the speed of the motion until they both were lost in passion and desire. Beau cried out for the prince to fuck him harder and deeper. The prince came and let out a giant groan that sounded like he still had a little bit of the Beast deep inside him. Beau came a moment later, splattering his juices on his face and chest. The prince leaned down, licking hungrily as he cleaned the cum off of Beau’s face. They kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.
As they lay spent with the afternoon sun warming their bodies through the window, the prince told Beau that he had been bewitched by an evil fairy. The fairy had transformed him into a Beast and the curse could only be broken if he found a true love who would love him in spite of his ugliness.
Beau agreed to stay with the prince in the castle under one condition. “From now on,” he said. “I will make all the meals, tend the garden and you must get rid of all the invisible servants. But you can keep the ones in the bath. Oh, and I don’t do toilets.”
Beau and the prince lived happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

The last pic is a reminder to all that the royal penis will always have its' way. Too bad because many of us desire the same wants and needs.


Peace Man said...

Miracle Man I loved this story. You captured such rare innocent qualities in Beau. I almost fell in love with him too. Bravo my friend, bravo!

Peace man

Anonymous said...

i see the date of the posting but when did you actually write Le Beau et Le Bete? it's been so, so many years since i read Beauty and the Beast. I'm tempted to go back and re-read it. I loved this story MM. I'm curious how many elements of your story were included in order to mirror the original fairy tale rather than to propel your story? And when are you going to find the time to finish Amphibians? I'm dying to read it but have delayed doing so until i can read it in its entirety. I've never read many erotic stories before. Now i can't get enuf of them. but they have to be YOUR stories.
Thank you!

miracleman said...

I followed the abridged version of the story written by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont and published in 1756. My story is of course embelished. The original has much more back story, but backstory sometimes slows the narrative. Amphibians sits on my desk waiting for me. It's already written, it just means sitting down and transcribing which is not very creative. I just have to find the time and do it!


SpiritMountainGuy said...

Its a hot retelling of the to read more! - V