Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I walked into the music store looking for the perfect CD. I found a Joao Gilberto. Ricardo was Brazilian of Italian descent and studying at UC Berkeley. Dark with full lips and a beautiful body. He had great nipples. His picture showed him from the lips down. I wanted our time together to be perfect.

I had just finished a contract job and got paid bucket loads of money. I bought myself a new pair of glasses and paid way too much for the frames. It had been months since I had done anything for myself and several months since I had had any meaningful sex with another guy. Quickies and anonymous sex in bathhouses and Sex Clubs. I was looking forward to an evening of something with some substance and romance.

I paid for the CD and walked back to the hotel room I had paid for. The room was spacious for a hotel room in downtown San Francisco. The bed was a fourposter with a canopy and there was a sitting area. I showered and put on a pair of pajamas bottoms and a t shirt. I put the CD in the player and sat in one of the easy chairs. He was scheduled to arrive at 8:00 PM and although a little nervous, I was ready. I stroked my cock a little as I sat waiting for the knock on the door. Right on time there was a rap at the door. I got up and opened the door. He smiled and my heart leaped. He had beautiful teeth and a gorgeous smile. Dark brown eyes with thick lashes. He was about 6' 2”, two inches taller than me. He shook my hand and introduced himself. I asked him in. I closed the door and watched him walk into the room. Great ass.

“This is a nice room.”


“Is that Joao Gilberto?”


“How very thoughtful of you.”

“Tell me about yourself.” I asked.

He told me he had been in the States for about five years and was studying engineering at Berkeley. His plan was to return to Brazil and help rebuild the infrastructure there in Rio where he was from. We sat in a love seat and he put his hand on my thigh while he talked. He stroked the side of my face and then he leaned in and kissed me.

We had many email exchanges before we finally met. I was looking for someone who was intelligent and thoughtful. No attitude. I wanted to kiss. I wasn't looking to fuck or get fucked, I just wanted an evening with a good looking, well built young man to play with and have fun. Three one hundred dollar bills sat on top of the TV set in the armoire. He was expensive but he came highly recommended with great reviews from previous clients.

He looked down at my pjs and and pointed to a precum spot that was forming.

“Looks like you're enjoying this.”

We kissed some more and he started removing my clothes. He stroked my cock and then got down on his knees in front of me, sucking my dick. I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his thick black hair. He was an expert. He knew exactly what he was doing with a penis. He licked my balls and took them into his mouth and sucked. He stood up in front of me, slowly removing his shirt, taking his time with the buttons. He undid his belt buckle and looked at me and smiled. One by one he undid the buttons of his jeans, revealing his thick hard cock in his underwear. He took off his shoes, socks and pants, slowly pulling down the elastic of his underwear, letting his engorged cock flop free. I reached out, stroking him slowly as he moaned with pleasure. With my other hand I reached around his ass, pulling him towards me, licking the head of his cock. It was about seven and a half inches, but thick and veiny. I took my time, licking the underside of his shaft and cupping his balls with my hand. I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth and my nose nestled in his pubic hair that smelled of soap. He stood me up, moving us to the bed where we lay down in a sixty-nine position sucking one another. He had large nipples that stuck out from his chest about a quarter of an inch. They were fun to suck on and nibble.

“Are they naturally that way?”

“No, you have to work on them.”

I told him I wanted him to fuck my mouth. I lay with my head on the pillows and he straddled my face, fucking my mouth as his ass moved in rhythm to the Bossa Nova that was playing on the CD player. He reached around and stroked my cock as he fucked my mouth. I thrust my hips into his hand as I came all over my abs and chest.

“I want you to cum on me.” I said breathlessly.

“Sorry, I can't, I have two other clients tonight.” He said apologetically. He lay down next to me and took me in his arms. “We can stay like this for a while though. I have time.” I looked at the digital clock on the nightstand and it was five minutes after nine. “No extra charge.” He said as he rested my head on his shoulder, rubbing and massaging the cum on my body with his hand. We lay like that for a few minutes and then he asked, “May I take a quick shower?”

“Sure.” I replied. He got up and walked to the bathroom. “Next time I want your load and your ass.” I laughed as he shouted back from the bathroom.

“It's all yours, baby.”


Tom said...

Lessen learned. Must make sure to schedule the last slot of the evening next time!
Hot story. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i emailed this to our buddy scott.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

I can't believe he told you that he had two more clients that night. I would have thought of something else to tell you -- so that you still felt extra special. But ~$900 in one night?? He was doing REALLY well. Exactly what every rent boy wants.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice story!