Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Evidently, this was making the rounds a couple of years ago and I missed it.  It was banned in the good ole US of A.  Personally, I don't get the concept for the ad, but it's fucking hot, so I don't care.


Peace Man said...

For lack of better words advertising in the U S sucks! Hot vid man, I got boned instantly. If I saw that commercial, I'd be out the door and headed to bestbuy, LOL. Sex sells, especially when it involves rugby players.

Anonymous said...

my dear MM, the concept is that JAWBONE is capable of blocking out even the very boorish albeit very hot behavior of ruggers. only problem with the one gave a flying fuck about jawbone cause they were too overheated by the ruggers. yeah, we ruggers...ya gotta love us. lol.
p.s. i saw the ad when it was first released. it reminded me of one time after a match, an opponent rugger and i went back to his place and went at it like dogs in heat. oh yeah. most definitely hot!