Friday, January 13, 2012


He was not certain how long he had been there. In the darkness without the rising and setting of the sun, the minutes turned to hours and then dissolved into an eternity. The only light was the torchlight from outside the cell gate that cast eerie shadows on the hay strewn dungeon floor. The smell of piss and shit permeated the air with the occasional smell of human sweat breaking the monotony of the horrible stench of the place. Two weeks perhaps. Maybe less. Maybe more. He tried to think back on how many times the guards had brought the detestable slop that was supposed to pass for the daily meal. That might give him an indication of the passing of time. What did it matter?
The crying was constant. Somewhere in a corner of the large holding cell, a young woman wept incessantly. Even when she slept. Sleep was next to impossible here. Every one of the fifteen or so inmates was on a different sleep cycle. He learned to defend himself against the constant sexual attacks by two of the men. His first night they caught him by surprise and fucked him, one after the other while the other held him down. Another night he was awakened to a woman of indeterminable age sucking on his cock. He flew into a rage and slapped her hard across the face. She laughed hysterically as she spit in his face and then cried like a small child as she slipped away into the darkness. He slept with one eye open now. Fatigue and hunger were his constant companions.
Above them in the rooms of the towers he knew the aristocracy had luxurious accommodations as they awaited their trials. Most of them were being detained for treason or embezzlement, but actually because they had slandered Louis, the Sun King or his new mistress, Madame de Maintenon. Their rooms were outfitted in the best furnishings and accessories their money could buy. At times the sound of laughter would echo in the corridors and down the stone stairwells. The odor of their meals made his mouth water. He longed to bathe, to dress in clean clothing and to feel the sun on his face.
He had just fallen asleep when he felt a kick with a boot to his thigh. Startled, he sat up and saw a guard standing over him.
“Jean Lambert?”
“Come with me.”
The guard held a scented handkerchief over his nose and mouth and turned on his heel and walked to the dungeon door. “Hurry up! I haven't got all night.”
Jean stood, his muscles cramping and aching and walked to where the guard stood.
“Your presence is requested upstairs.” The guard laughed as he opened the door and shoved Jean Lambert through it into the hall.
The light from the torches and lanterns made him squint as he walked barefooted to a stone staircase. The steps seemed to wind forever as they ascended higher and higher into one of the towers. The smell of cologne filled the air and he could hear laughter. Both men and women.
Finally they reached a landing and walked through an arch that led to another hallway. The guard walked ahead of Jean and stopped before a large wooden door. He took out his keys and fumbled with the lock, finally finding the right key and opening the door. He held the door open and gestured with his head for Jean to enter.
The room was brightly lit with candles and in the center of the small room was a tub with steaming water. “Take off those filthy clothes and get in.” The guard ordered. Hesitantly, Jean began to remove his clothing. When he stood naked he saw the guard eying him with a wicked smile. “Get in and clean yourself.” Jean stepped into the hot water which stung his cold bare feet, slowly he easing himself into the water as he looked around for soap. “Is there any soap?” The guard walked over to a table and picked up a bar of misshapen soap and threw it at Jean. Jean caught it just before it hit him in the face. “Clean yourself well, mon jouet peu.”
“Why do you call me that?”
“Because that is what you are tonight. A little plaything.”
“For the Marquis and his friends.” The guard chuckled. “And if you can still walk, maybe I will have you for dessert.” He laughed out loud as he sat in a chair and threw Jean a cloth. “Now scrub your body until you are pink. Or do you need me to do it for you?”
“I'm quite capable.” Jean wet the cloth and soaped it up feeling self conscious as the guard watched him with lust in his eyes and a lascivious smile. He wet his lips and began playing with his hardening cock through the material of his pants. “Yes, but can you wash your back? Stand up.” Jean stared defiantly at him. “I said, stand up!” The guard stood and grabbed a riding crop that Jean had not noticed on the table. The guard quickly moved to the tub and before Jean could get out of the way he struck him on the back. Water splashed at Jean reacted to the sting of the whip. “Stand up, you son of a whore!” and he struck him again on his chest. Jean stood quickly as water splashed on the floor and the guard whipped him across his ass. Jean tried to grab the whip, but the guard struck him hard across his arms. “Stand still or I will draw blood with the next blow.” The guard held the whip high in the air menacingly. Jean covered his hardening cock with both hands and stood as still as he could. “It appears this excites you, monsieur jouet peu. The Marquis will be pleased to see that. Soap up the rag and hand it to me.” Jean bent down aware of the guard's eyes on his ass. Welts were beginning to form where he had been struck. He soaped the cloth and held it out to the guard covering his erect penis with his other hand. He blushed with shame as the guard began to wash his back. As he moved down his back, the guard suddenly grabbed Jean around the neck with his arm. “Hold still while I clean your arse.” He whispered into Jean's ear. His breath was hot and heavy on Jean's neck and it reeked of garlic and wine. He pressed his hard cock against Jean's hip as he ran the cloth up and down the inside of Jean's crack. “Your arse must be especially clean. It will be very popular tonight.” He laughed and licked the side of Jean's neck. He still held the riding crop in the hand around Jean's throat. Jean held the wrist that held the whip, contemplating how to get out of the hold he had on him. Suddenly, the guard turned Jean towards him and pushed him down into the tub. Water splashed over the sides onto the floor as the guard pulled out his cock and waved it in Jean's face. “Let's get this party started, shall we? Suck it!” He slapped Jean's back with the crop. “Suck it, you bastard!” Jean recoiled instinctively as the guard slapped him harder. “Open your mouth!” He slapped him again and again until finally Jean took the raging member into his mouth, choking on it and gagging from the smell and taste. “Come on you little cocksucker, suck on it!” The guard directed his cock into Jean's mouth and thrust his hips forward, choking Jean as he held him at the back of his neck and forced his head down on his penis until Jean gagged and sputtered, spitting and slobbering saliva. “You better get used to it, monsieur jouet peu, there will be many more to come.” He laughed as he put his cock back into his pants. “Finish washing yourself and dry off with this.” He picked up a linen cloth and threw it over the chair. “The Marquis doesn't like to be kept waiting.”
Jean washed his hair with the soap, rinsing himself with the soapy water. He stood, his penis still erect. He stepped out of the tub as the guard threw the linen cloth at him. Drying himself he nervously wondered what awaited him in the other rooms of the tower. When he finished the guard ordered him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. The guard quickly tied his hands with a rope and then tied a blindfold over his eyes. His penis throbbed. The guard led him to the door and into the hallway. Holding him by the arm he walked him down the hall where the sounds of voices and laughter grew louder and louder. They turned and entered a room as the voices subsided. The guard stopped and then stepped away from Jean. A hushed silence was broken by the sound of clapping. “Bravo!” a woman shouted. Jean could feel his entire body blush as the blood raced through his veins and his penis throbbed even more. “Well done, he's perfect,” a male voice announced. Another hush filled the room as the sound of a fire crackled. The air was filled with the aromas of spices and perfumes.
Although his heart pounded with fear, smoldering in his loins was a rising lust. Jean felt a mixture of emotions raging through his body. Shame, fear, desire, humiliation raced through his spirit. His knees felt weak and his legs began to shake. He heard the rustle of cloth and footsteps as a gentle hand brushed against his cheek. “Don't be afraid, monsieur.” a male voice whispered in his ear. “You are among friends who are only interested in your pleasure as well as their own. Come, take a seat.” The man led him to a chair and sat him at a table. The inviting aromas of steaming food hit his nostrils with a shock. He lifted his head and breathed deeply. “I'm sure you are very hungry, monsieur.” A sultry female voice purred in his ear. “Here, let me feed you.” A chicken leg brushed against his lips as someone's hands massaged his neck and shoulders. The hands were strong and kneaded his muscles deeply. “Stick out your tongue and lick, monsieur.” The woman whispered in his ear. He did as he was told and licked the skin of the chicken tasting the salt and herbs. He was starving and wanted to devour the meat. The woman kept pulling the leg away as he leaned closer trying to find the savory meat. “Please,” he pleaded, “I haven't eaten anything decent in weeks.” The man behind him pulled the chair away from the table. “All in good time. I promise you shall be satiated.” He felt his vulnerability more acutely as his penis throbbed. A woman knelt down in from of him and licked the underside of his shaft. He jumped a little as her wet tongue slid up and down. The smell of wine permeated his senses as the kneeling woman engulfed his cock in her mouth. “Drink, monsieur.” The woman with the chicken leg held a goblet to his lips as he drank the sweet wine. She pulled it away suddenly and it dripped onto his chin and chest. Her tongue quickly lapped up the liquid from his body as the other woman on her knees sucked his cock. His breathing quickened as he felt his approaching orgasm. Sensing his contraction, she ceased her ministrations and lightly slapped the head of his cock. “Ah!” he groaned. “Not yet, monsieur.” She said and he heard the rustle of her clothes as she stood.
Someone began to untie the cords that bound his hands and then pulled the chair back to the table. “Eat, monsieur. But do not remove your blindfold.” The man behind him ordered. Jean put his hands on the table and hungrily felt his way to the food. Grabbing what felt like chicken meat he greedily shoved it into his mouth. “Slowly, monsieur, we don't want you getting sick.” The man's voice commanded. Jean slowed down his pace and began to taste the food for the first time. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. The deprivation of his sense of sight seemed to enhance the aromas and taste of food beyond anything he had ever experienced. He moaned as he savored the flavors of the feast before him, reaching for more food and finding the goblet of wine to wash it all down. There were pastries and cakes for dessert and soon his hands and mouth were covered with frosting and creams. He sat back more satisfied than he had ever been in his life. His erection had subsided. “Merci. That was the most wonderful meal I have ever had.” “Now it is our turn to feast, monsieur.” The man said. Jean felt someone licking and sucking his fingers as another kissed his mouth and licked the cream from his face. Another mouth was on his cock again and another kissed the back of his neck. Jean was unsure just how many persons attended his body as they pinched, kissed, licked, sucked and bit him lightly. He moaned as his cock grew in a man's mouth. “Take him to the chaise.” A man's voice ordered. The hands and mouths pulled away from his body. Jean longed for them. They stood him up and led him to a brocade chaise lounge. He was pushed down on his stomach with his ass in the air. A pair of hands grabbed his cheeks and spread them wide exposing his hole. A tongue soon found it's way there and licked the sensitive skin. Jean moaned as the man's strong hands massaged his ass and fucked his hole with his tongue. Another man positioned himself on the chaise in front of Jean and forced his cock into his mouth. Jean was on fire with lust and sucked greedily, abandoning all qualms and reservations. He arched his back and lifted his ass to allow the gentleman at his ass better access. He was aware that a woman had crawled under his body and soon had his cock in her mouth, sucking hungrily. Jean's body was ablaze. Every sense heightened beyond anything he had ever felt. He threw all caution and any sense of propriety he had ever felt to the wind. He only wanted more. The man behind him slapped his ass and then slapped it again. “Yes.” He managed to say with a cock in his mouth. More hands slapped his ass as he felt the skin burn hot. “Turn him over.” A man's voice commanded. The woman under him removed herself and strong hands roughly turned him over on his back. Without warning a cock entered his ass. Jean cried out in pain. A hand covered his mouth and others constrained his arms and legs. The man in his ass thrust deeply causing Jean to cry out through the hand covering his mouth. Jean tried to relax as someone stroked his cock and another nibbled on his nipples. The pain slowly subsided as he moaned and groaned, eventually enjoying the thrusts as the hot searing pain turned to pleasure. The blindfold began to slip and under it he could see a naked man wearing an elaborate mask fucking him. He was mesmerized by the beauty of the man's body. Sweat glistened on his skin. A woman in a mask that only covered her eyes stood behind him and kissed his neck as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper into Jean's ass. The man at his head removed the blindfold and Jean's eyes slowly became accustomed to candlelight and light from the fire. The room was aglow and rich tapestries covered the walls. A woman sucked his cock as the man who removed his blindfold shoved his cock into Jean's mouth. They all wore masks. The two men were completely naked and the two women wore stockings and nothing else besides their masks. The woman sucking Jean's cock stood and then straddled him, positioning herself on his cock. Jean let out a groan as she slid down on his erect penis. She slowly moved her hips back and forth as she rode him. “Fuck me, monsieur, fuck me.” Jean choked on the cock as the man pushed deeper into his throat. The man withdrew his cock, jumping up from the chaise and stood next to the man fucking Jean. “I must have him.” The man withdrew his cock and gave a slight bow. “Apres vous, monsieur.” Another cock entered him and the woman riding his cock picked up her speed and intensity. Lust filled the room as the man who first fucked Jean picked up the other woman and threw her on the bed. Her ecstatic screams filled the room as he fucked her with an animal frenzy. Jean's eyes rolled back in his head as the man fucking him thrust deeper and deeper into him. The woman riding his cock let out a small scream as she climaxed. She rolled off him as he thrust back at the man fucking him, riding the man's cock. The man on the bed jumped up and ran over to Jean stroking his cock as he came on Jean's face and in his mouth. Jean licked and sucked on the man's cock, savoring the salty sweetness. The man fucking him pulled out and shot his seed all over Jean's cock and stomach. Both the women eagerly lapped it up as the man stroked Jean till he cried out with the women ready to receive their prize.
Exhausted and satiated as the man had promised, Jean was blindfolded and led back to the room where his clothes were. “You reek of sex.” The guard spat at him. Jean dressed slowly and was led back to the cell where he fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of fantastic feasts and orgies.  


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I found "Masquerade" to be captivating to the end. I have throughly enjoyed all of your writings. Your blog is one of my two favorites on the net.hal

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great story, MM. I could completely visualize the scene you created. Nicely done.


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