Thursday, May 05, 2011


The other day I was emailing a reader who wanted more details about my nude modeling experience.  I shared as much as I could remember and decided to share a fantasy that I had never articulated.  It's pretty graphic and risky, but I thought I'd share it on Morning Rain Shower.
I'll tell you a fantasy of mine.  I'm naked on my back and blindfolded on a table in a big mansion.  Rich, well dressed men and women in masks covering their eyes are walking around, drinking, talking, laughing.  The men are in tuxedos and the women in black evening wear.  The masks are elaborate, carnival masks with feathers and sequins.  Some are wearing richly painted Commedia del'arte masks with long noses.  All around me on the table are hors d'oeuvres for the guests.  I have some of the appetizers on my body.  My cock is hard and dripping.  A man walks up and collects some precum with his index finger and licks it off.  There are dips and whipped cream in small bowls and the guests spread them on my toes, my nipples, my cock and balls and lick it off.  At a signal from the hostess, the guests all gather around me and begin to fondle and kiss me.  They pinch and bite my nipples.  Licking up the dip and whipped cream from my body.  A woman holds my cock while a guy sucks me off.  Men take out their cocks and make me stroke them.  The guests begin disrobing leaving their masks on.  One of the women sits on my cock and rides me while another guy gets on the table and licks my balls, ass and cock that's wet with her pussy juice.  A woman joins him on the table and they pull out my cock and suck on it and then put it back in the rich bitch's cunt. Another guy climbs on the table and forces his cock in my mouth.  Another woman forces me to eat her pussy.  Men and women are licking whipped cream off my toes and my fingers.  Another guy climbs onto the table and fucks my ass while the woman continues to ride my cock.  I have my fingers up a pussy, my other hand is stroking a cock, a cock in my mouth and my ass and that rich whore is riding my pony in a frenzy of pleasure.  The men all gather round and one by one unload their jizz all over my face and chest and in my mouth.  The women quickly gather and lick the cum off me and snowball it in my mouth one by one.  The guy fucking me pulls out and cums all over my balls and cock and the rich bitch's pussy who screams out as she cums.  She gets off me and joins the guy as they lick the cum and pussy juice off my cock and balls.  The guy who was fucking me sticks his fingers in my ass and finger fucks me as the rich bitch jerks me off.  I start to cum and all the guests, men and women try to catch it in their mouths or lick it off my dick, belly and chest.  The rich bitch licks the cum off her hand and the guys licks his fingers.  They kiss, savouring my taste.  The guests laugh as they gather their clothes and walk away and I'm left with food, cum and pussy juice drying on my body as the caterers clean me up with soap and water.


Anonymous said...

let me know if you'd like a psychological explanation of that fantasy. bet scott loved the story. make him promote MRS on str8jock as payment. lol. did ya hear that scott? ha! :)
i hate "starfucker stories" but i can't resist sharing this. when i lived in aspen, i got to attend a well known singer's bachelor party because of a mutual friend. you'd know the singer. there was a long bufftet table in the center of the room on which were two completely naked (and gorgeous) women laying head to head. the hors d'oeuvres and canapes were arrayed on their bodies. nothing sexual happened. but it was wild. your fantasy reminded me of that.

miracleman said...

Sure, go for it Dr. Rugbysex. I thought you might know enough rich people to make it a reality. LOL