Thursday, December 15, 2011


A friend of mine says he likes porn scenes that have more lead in and longer seduction.  I think part of the problem is that porn actor is an oxymoron.  Most porn stars are lousy actors and that's why they're doing porn and not Shakespeare in the Park.  This one features one of my favorite performers, Matt Cole who's looking good as a daddy.  I think this scene will make my friend happy if he hasn't seen it already.


ksom said...

This is pretty hot. I like longer lead-ins too haha

Anonymous said...

this is a vast improvement over the usual 1,2,3,fuck vids. for me in real life, seduction is almost 1/2 the fun. ur right, of course, porn actors is an oxymoron but i fault the writers more...if there are writers and not just some horny director. it doesn't have to be a period piece w/ lots of scenery and costumes...just a credible seduction...the operative word being credible. those flix that do attempt seduction usually take 2 minutes to establish the mis en scene and then bang...literally. i wanna see how someone makes a 1st then 2nd then 3rd move till finally the target succumbs. i honestly think there's a market for such vids. ok MM, you're a gifted writer, how about we go into the porn biz?!
cheers...and thanx!

Anonymous said...

One of the better anthropology classes I've seen. Hands on teaching is always best. Good vid. hal

Anonymous said...

I like top sexy guy but I don't know his name.
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