Thursday, June 09, 2011


 Well, summer's almost here, so before spring is over I thought I'd clean out a few picture files with some random shots.  As you may have noticed, I'm into themes.  As a writer and theatre director, I'm always looking for the thematic underscore of a piece.  These shots never fit neatly into my catagories, but I loved them none the less.  The picture above has an ethereal spiritual quality that I liked.
 This is the kind of plumber's crack I can get behind.  Literally.  Remember Todd and Lisa and Dan Akroyd's butt crack.  Love to give this dude's ass a few knuggies.
 This guy looks like he's actually fallen and can't get up.
 This guy didn't quite fit into the Morning Glory criteria, but nice boner and I love the expression on his face.
 This picture actually made me laugh.  Twin models holding hands.  How sweet. Even their dicks are identical.
 I wonder if this is how his day started out or how it finished?
 This was in a file entitled, WTF?
 When was the last time you saw a phone booth like this?  Especially with a dude like this in there. Phone sex?  Who does that anymore?
 I've seen this model before, but couldn't remember his name.  Always hot!
 This guy almost made it into the Eyes Have It, but he lost major points for holding a stuffed animal. LOL
"There's plenty for both of us."  Caliente!

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Anonymous said...

a great potpourri collection. hot and amusing thx to ur wonderful wit. kudos MM.