Monday, June 13, 2011



Anonymous said...

great photo. can't remember this guy's name but i know he's a big gay porn star. his "angle" is he's supposedly completely str8 and won't do certain things. he's definitely hot but i've always had a problem with that "i'm too good to do everything." it's like a holier than thou thing. do you know what i mean? the last few videos of him that i've watched, i just sorta wanted to render him helpless and fuck his brains out. sort of "there...that will show you."

miracleman said...

His name is Cody Cummings (cute,huh?) and he has a web site over at Next Door Buddies. I feel the same way. He won't suck dick and as far as I know, he's never fucked a guy and of course won't take it up the butt, Bob. You go get him Rugby. Fuck the shit out of him. It's so funny, I almost didn't post his picture for all the same reasons, but he's too fucking hot. And I would love to have at his morning glory.