Monday, June 13, 2011


Today's 'Getting Wet' post is a video.  It's a clip from the John Rutherford film, Absolute Aqua.  The guy on the beach is Lane Fuller and the other guy coming out of the water is Anthony Lafont.  Hot!  This is part of a set of films by Falcon that were filmed in Australia.  The other one is Absolute Arid, starring one of my all time favorites, Billy Brandt.  This one was filmed near the Great Barrier Reef and Arid was filmed in the Outback.  All the copies of this film seem to be filmed with a filter, hence the quality.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I will never, EVER be able to thank you adequately for this video. it was extraordinary in so many ways.
merci beaucoup mon frere.

Anonymous said...

nice place ; nice guys ; nice post ; be or not to be too much explicit ? Is it not a question ?

french anonymous