Monday, May 02, 2011



Peace Man said...

Miracle Man the pics that you assemble are just so fucking hot! I don't know wich post to comment on, lol. You really have the hottest taste in men, you never disappoint! I got to say the last pic on this post is incredible! Just beautiful!

Peace brother.

miracleman said...

Yeah, he's hot alright. Thanks for noting my discriminating tastes. A picture has to touch me deep inside. I call it a click. A switch that goes off inside and and that still small voice says, "Fuck yeah." Glad I can do the same for you. It makes it all so much more worth while.

Love you, Peaceman

Spy boy said...

hot pics!

Anonymous said...

it's funny how attitudes have changed. photo #1, that's what we ALWAYS did at the beach but even 10 yrs. ago you'd have to worry about getting arrested. now, if ur the least bit discreet, it's no big deal. the only thing better would be if you didn't have to wear a suit at all. love to be naked at the beach. LOVE IT!
p.s. what peace man said...ditto! u got great taste in men buddy!