Monday, May 30, 2011


I used to have a friend who loved to give me road head.  Especially on the freeway so the truckers could watch and honk.  Hard to focus on the road while you're cumming, though.  I would love to hear any road head stories you guys might have.

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Anonymous said...

have a sports car, a convertible. haven't done this in awhile but sometimes in summer i'll get on the highway and drive with just my rugby shorts on, car top down. usually, b4 long the shorts come off too. never thought i was an exhibitionist. just love the breeze. always cautious. but i never worried about the truckers. in fact, i started to like the reactions i'd get. me in my car stroking. everything from honks, smiles, thumbs up, middle fingers.
sometimes at night on the highway i'd turn on the "courtesy light" which just illuminated the lower interior of the car...and me. lol.
guess i do have a bit of exhibitionist in me. ha! every once in awhile, a trucker would flirt. if i liked the looks of the trucker...i'd pull over. pull on the shorts. jumb in the truck cab. off came the shorts. does that count as "road head?" it happened on the road and i'd always end up getting and giving head. yep...that qualifies!