Thursday, May 26, 2011



Anonymous said...

Hi ! seems that you are waking up quite early ; I don't know the difference of time between where you are and Paris ( its 16:26 where I am).

Anyway, I understand why "miracle "in "miracle man" ; it's quite un believable...the only smelling water I use (sometimes, not every day ) is.....Old Spice. I swear it. Someday, may be, shall send you a pic of mi bath room ( quite little ; that's Paris) whit Old Spice on a shelf ( that the name in english ? or shelve); the red box with the withe boat.

Don't want to take to much of you time.

The "so sweet" is very very sweet ; that kind of sweetness, that make feel to say it ? a bit warmer ? ...well, you know, man...( I think you do know).

Have a nice day.

Marcel Anonymous

miracleman said...

Bonjour Marcel or is it Bonsoir in Paris? Yes, I wake early and post right away. Helps me start my day. Did they have the Old Spice commercials in France? Always a hunky sailor and these days a very beautiful black man. I loved your video. Are those your drawings? Very nice. And yes. Une Shelf, deux Shelves. Don't worry about taking up too much of my time. And yes, I know that sweet feeling.