Thursday, February 24, 2011


Someone asked me the other day how long I had been blogging and I answered a year, but wasn't quite sure how long it had been. So I went back and checked. My profile says I have been blogging since 2005, but that inaccurate. I don't know where they came up with that year. My first blog entry was December 13, 2009. The date completely passed me by and so I need to celebrate. I started with the numbers of visits in March or April of last year and that was why I was confused. So Happy Anniversary, Miracleman. Spent the day at home, sick and sexually frustrated and as I always do, turned my frustration into art and finished Chapter Ten of Sons. Yeah, thank you very much my Muse of Fire. I'm pleased with the results. It's erotic and exotic and I followed Anne Lamott's advise when she said that writing can sometimes be like driving down a dark forest road at night. You know what your destination is, but you only focus on what the headlights illuminate as you drive. After editing tomorrow morning I will post for those of you who care. Now go celebrate my anniversary with someone.


Anonymous said...

i won't sleep all night. care? oh miracleman, i care so much it hurts. been waiting for so long to learn what became of stevie and miles.

hope you're feeling better buddy.


JoeBlow said...

Happy Anniversary!

miracleman said...

thank you Joe, cum celebrate.