Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bound Gods and Kink.com

My latest obsession are the sites on Kink.com. This week Spencer Reed and real life partner, Phillip Aubrey broke some walls down with a very hot BDSM scene. Spencer appears often on Bound Gods, Naked Kombat and Bound in Public as well as some other hot porn out there. He caught my eye a couple years ago on Randy Blue and Next Door Buddies. One hot mother fucker and he seems so sweet and thoughtful under the ruthless dom persona. Phillip is relatively new to the scene and they decided to shoot this scene and push some limits in their relationship and what they have done on film. I usually don't post photos of a more graphic nature and real hardcore porn, but this shoot was so fucking sexy and moving, I felt it was time for me push some limits. If BDSM offends you, be forewarned and don't scroll down.

I'm not sure I could take it the way some of these boys do, especially my boyfriend Leo. Whoa, that boy can take some punishment. I would love to test my limits with someone I trust. When I was in High School a friend of mine (who later turned out to be gay too)lent me The Story of O. I was hard the entire time I was reading it.

I love the settings on the Kink.com shoots. They shoot at the old Amory in San Francisco and it seems that they have unlimited rooms to create just the right sets and atmosphere. Kudos to the art department and the lighting people. From a theatrical point of view, they really have raised the bar on BDSM porn. They conduct guided tours (for adults only)and I have been playing with the idea of going on one and possibly signing up for a shoot as an extra. Hmm.

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