Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valerie Harper returns to Broadway this month in Looped a new comedy about Tallulah Bankhead. For those of us who care or are old enough to remember, Tallulah was the original bad girl. And of course Valerie was Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It opened in Washington DC at the Arena Stage to so, so reviews, but everyone agreed that Valerie was a revelation. I would love to hear from anyone who's seen the show or is planning to see it in New York. From the producers: Based on a real event, "Looped" takes place in the summer of 1965, when an inebriated Tallulah Bankhead is called into a sound studio to re-record (or "loop") one line of dialogue for what would be her last film, the dreadful "Die, Die My Darling." Ms. Bankhead was known for her wild partying and convention-defying exploits that surpassed even today's celebrity bad girls. Given her intoxicated state and inability to loop the line properly, what ensues is an uproarious showdown between an uptight film editor and the outrageous legend.

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joseph said...

wow, can't believe how much valerie harper resembles the great tallulah. i'd love to see this performance, but i'm a long way from DC or NYC.

i'm glad to see that VH is still working. i haven't heard much from her lately. she's always been a favorite actress of mine, since her days as Rhoda on MTM (i was a very young kid then). can't remember if she won any Emmys for that role, but i always felt she was under-appreciated.