Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you haven't already, run don't walk to see Tom Ford's beautiful film, A Single Man. Colin Firth gives an amazing portrayal of a grieving gay man. His mesmerizing and painful performance should win him the Oscar, but it will probably go to Jeff Bridges. Julianne Moore is luminescent as usual. Nicholas Hoult plays a young college student and is lovely. I kept thinking, "I know this kid, he looks so familiar." and when I got home I looked him up and he was the young boy in the Hugh Grant movie, About a Boy. The costuming and set design are spot on for the sixties. I didn't know the premise of the film when I went and ended up floored by the experience. Truly transformative.

Tom Ford didn’t intend to take his pants off, but the guy just can’t help himself. “When I saw how I looked in a dressing gown in the showers with the guys it didn’t look right,” recalls the designer of the cover shoot he did for Out. “It was like, Why would I be in the shower with those guys popping my towel in a dressing gown? so I just said, ‘We have to reshoot this and I have to get in there with them, because otherwise it’s not right.’” His lips purse into a small, compressed smile that suggests that it wouldn’t be the first time in his career that a shot needed sexing up. For years sex and Tom Ford have been synonymous, a combination of his blistering good looks, his notorious ad campaigns (his latest shows his new fragrance nestling in a woman’s shaved crotch), and the nonchalant ease with which he addresses it. “Sex is just second nature with me,” he explains. “It’s not like an obsession or anything.”
Excerpt from OUT Magazine.

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