Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Show Off

When I was twelve years old, my sisters and I had a sixteen year old baby sitter named, Raymond. He lived only two doors down and his parents were friendly with our parents. He would sometimes take off his clothes and dance with a hard-on on the coffee table in the living room. He would drape a towel over his erect cock and parade around for us. My younger sisters found it nasty, but would giggle and enjoy the show. We would sit on the couch and watch the show while he danced around with just his shoes on. He would get my sisters to sit in his lap but never touched them or required that we touch him. I still remember the smell of his dick. He would flop it around in front of my face, tempting me. I remember having very conflicted feelings. I loved every minute of it, but somehow knew that it was wrong. He threatened to beat us up if we told on him and one day my sister in a moment of guilt confessed to my parents when she found out he was coming over to babysit. That ended the party and my parents relationship with his parents. He used to sit on the roof of his house and watch the cars drive by.

I love strippers, sex shows and public displays of nudity.


joseph said...

i actually dated a stripper once, years ago. he was totally opposite his stripping persona. quiet, unassuming, rather modest. a big ol' bottom. but once he hit the statge, he was a human sex machine. all simulated, of course. ;)

miracleman said...

I'm fascinated by strippers and porn stars. I also envy whatever it is that allows them to do what they do. I have had a few crushes on strippers and sort of dated one. He was dating a lot of guys at the same time. I'm writing a play about it.