Friday, February 19, 2010


Evan Lysacek's win over Evgani Plushenko was a definate upset, but the real upset for me was the low score and 6th place of Johnny Weir. Although, not my type and not a big fan of his fashion choices, I admire the hell out of Johnny and his ability to stay strong and focused through all the media hype. Admittedly, he brings it on, however, he stays firm in stating, "I am what I am!" I thought he skated magnificently. I just read an article about two Australian newscasters making fun of him. Click here for the story and follow up and let's see if we can't get these two horses asses into some sensitivity training classes. Here's a link to Johnny's response.
Although Evan is more my taste, there is something about him that grates on me. He seems arrogant and entitled. I realize he works hard and has earned his place in the sun and I congratulate him.

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