Wednesday, July 06, 2011


 When I was younger, in my late teens and into my twenties, I was naked a lot.  Especially around water.  It features prominently in my writing.  In fact, besides the sex, I would say it is the next most important theme in my stories.  I loved hanging out at a swimming hole with my buddies and sometimes a few brave girls, sunning ourselves and horsing around in the water.  Lakes, streams, the beach, hot springs, any excuse we could find for doffing our clothes and getting wet.  I love outdoor showers, hot tubs, swimming pools and just a water hose on a hot day.  Morning Rain Shower kinda reflects the nostalgia of those days.  I think I'll head to the beach today and get nekid.  Care to join me?


Anonymous said...

we share a love for and i. was the name that drew me to you. i'm never so at peace as when i'm near the ocean. parents threw us in the water at 5 y/o. first one in the pool, last one out. lakes, rivers, creeks, puddles. the rain. life's ablutions. on a purely prurient note...water has undoubtedly been the most frequent precursor to sex...a swim, a shower. aw...shower sex. whew!

Anonymous said...

When I was in art school, one of our main teacher used to say that "nostalgia was one of the roots of masterpieces". I think this is true (Think about "searching for lost time" by Proust ; one of the many examples we may find).
Your nostalgia, dear miracleman, gives to M.R.S. its touch of smartness and artistic quality, this taste of hard and soft mingled together : the hardness of desire coloured by the a bit remote sweetness of nostalgia....

best thoughts from

french anonymous