Monday, July 25, 2011


Not that I'm complaining or anything, but can someone explain to me why lifeguards like to stick their speedos in their ass and show off those gorgeous buns?  Is there a practical reason or is it just for the fun of it?  I love it, but maybe there's another reason other than for my personal pleasure.


Anonymous said...

OK...only since you's what one aussie wrote:

"OK, the story is that those kind of thong Speedos are only used in surf boat races (4 rowers and 1 sweep) in surf lifesaving competition (surf carnivals). I think they let the bum grip the seat better in power rowing the boat. I race surf canoe, which is a similar boat but with paddles instead of oars. The surf lifesaving elite (like ex-rugby players) make up the surf boat teams. But it isn't a fashion statement--it is race gear."

hope you took notice who makes up the lifesaving elite...ex-ruggers!!


miracleman said...

Somehow I knew you'd have the answer. LOL. Makes sense. Too bad they can't just do it naked. I'd like to see those red buns after a race.

Thanks Rugby Baby