Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'll be the first to admit this movie isn't for everyone, but I was strangely drawn into the film because of the language.  I love Shakespeare and it's all Romeo and Juliet.  They don't even change the gender references.  Private Romeo forced me to hear the language as if for the first time and the actors all did a good job with it and they're all easy on the eyes.  The film takes place at all boys Military Academy over a break.  I was thinking of directing the play this summer for our Shakespeare Company, but unfortunately, one of the big Shakespeare Companies in the Bay Area is doing it this year and we don't want to be in competition or piss them off.  I then chose Macbeth, but then SF Shakespeare announced they were doing it.  Now we're keeping our fingers crossed that nobody is doing The Tempest.  I want to set it on a island in the Caribbean with a voodoo theme.  


whkattk said...

The Tempest is a good choice - it's actually my favorite. A company did it here in Disney costumes and it was marvelous!

miracleman said...

It changes every day. Now we're thinking of As You Like It. Saw Jolie Richardson on PBS interviewing her mother, Vanessa about the show. She is still a very beautiful woman. The show made her famous in England.