Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sorry this is so late, but I wanted to make sure I posted this before it wasn't Wednesday any more.  I realized I had a lot of black jock picture.  I guess I have a bit of a fetish.  I love the way a black jock frames an ass.  I went to see "Silver Lining Playbook" tonight.  I'm trying to see all the films nominated for Oscars this year.  I thought there might be a hard choice between Daniel Day Lewis and Hugh Jackman, but what Bradley Cooper does with this bi-polar character is incredible.  He nails it!  If you've ever been around someone with the disorder you will recognize those awkward moments when you wonder to yourself if this person is not the most brilliant, articulate and perceptive person you've ever met or out of their fucking mind.  And David O'Russell , although he  may be an asshole in real life does an amazing job with the direction on this film.  From what I understand his adaptation of the book is not so much a reworking of the novel as a rip off of the disease and the characters. De Niro does a great job as the OCD father of Bradley Cooper's, Pat.  Jennifer Lawrence proves shes got some acting chops and lives up to the promise she showed in "Winter's Bone".    


whkattk said...

I've made the same "promise" to myself... If I could get over this damn cold, I could get started seeing the nominated films. Sounds like Playbook needs to be at the top of the list.

stetsonrider said...

Hey bud, thanks for your comments about this year's Oscar nominations. I try to do the same and find myself squeezing them all in at the last minute. All-in-all - a good crop this year.

I'm a big fan of black jocks, too, and now that is the only color I use. I've finally settled down with the Priape brand - very comfortable pouch.

Thanks for posting hot pictures!
marc - Austin TX