Friday, September 28, 2012


I've decided I want three boyfriends.  I want a daddy who will take care of me and treat me a little rough sometimes and keep me in line.  He'll force me to work out and then fuck my brains out while I'm sore and sweaty.  He'll pay the bills and I will have to be ready to get him off at his beck and call.  Handsome and rugged with an amazing body, a little attitude and a gentle soul underneath it all.  Maybe an ex rugby player. 
I want another boyfriend who I will take care of and must be ready for me when I'm hot and horny and I need some sweet release.  He should be young and in great shape and have a cock and an ass that is always at the ready. 
I want another boyfriend who goes with me to the theatre, travels well, holds my hand in the movies, enjoys eating out and breakfast in bed while reading the Sunday New York Times.  Intelligent and witty and loves to laugh.  Wouldn't be nice to find someone with all of these attributes.   
I've been seeing a lot of this lad, Paddy O'Brien lately.  I think he fits one of the bills nicely.

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Anonymous said...

OH-H-H, MR. PADDY O'....

Surely, just one of HIM might make
you forget about those other two...