Monday, November 14, 2011


I just joined a new site, If you enjoy two adorable "straight" guys fooling around, sucking and fucking each other, then check it out.  I actually stumbled upon it and joined by mistake.  I was looking for the site where the POV of the camera is acknowledged by the models and thought this was it. (BTW if anyone knows the name of that site, I would love to hear from you.  The models look into the camera and talk to the viewer.  Hot as hell.) Happy mistake.  One of the things I love about these two, besides the fact that you get to see each of them bottom for the first time, that they both eat jizz and butt, are cute as hell, have rocking asses and cocks, is that they like to kiss a lot.  The story goes that they met on another porn site and fell into an instant bromance, eventually moving in together and then started the site.  They are evidently thriving.  They shoot in Vegas and have moved into a great house with a pool.  They have a few other models who they work with on occasion, but for my money I enjoy them exploring their boundaries and their bodies together.  The photos in today's post are from a road trip to West Hollywood where they were featured at Chi Chi Larue's birthday bash.  They brought along the camera and filmed a flip flop scene at their hotel.  Sometimes the camera work is a bit shoddy and the lighting could be better, but they do a good job editing and they recognize when it's off and aim to fix all the flaws.  If you ever want to see any of the pictures enlarged, just click on the picture.


Anonymous said...

these guys are cute together. they got there start on straightcollegemen and i hate to burst your bubble but that's where they first lost their virginity. i remember because it was phenomenally sexy. they're well matched.

miracleman said...

Another bubble burst. something told me it wasn't the first time. I have to look and see if they meant the first time on the site. LOL