Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Considered one of rugby's greatest ever fly-halves, New Zealand's, Dan Carter is currently the highest points scorer in test match rugby.  Although he was unable to finish out the 2011 Rugby World Cup due to an unfortunate groin injury in practice, visitors to Auckland had the added treat of seeing Dan on billboards all over advertising Jockey briefs with his girlfriend.  Woot, woot!! I think he scored again.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tribute to this extraordinarily talented rugger. for 2 yrs. dan did nothing but train for the world cup. everyone was devasted when early in the competition he suffered a nasty groin injury. but dan showed up every day for practice and was on the sidelines of every match cheering his team mates on.

last fall he and Black Sticks (new zealand's women's hocky team)striker Honor Dillon became engaged. they postponed final wedding plans until after the world cup. they are indeed a very handsome couple.

thanks MM!!