Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It looks really cold wherever they are!!!
Update:  thanks to Andre over at Case des hommes you can see the whole story.  They are playing Spanish women in New Zealand in September, which is the end of their winter.  Burr,  shrinkage factor!
Here's a video of the Nude Blacks warming up courtesy of the Rugby World Cup web site.  It looks a little bit warmer.  I want to live in a country where Naked Rugby is considered good clean family fun.  They would be arrested here.


André said...

They are in New-Zealand (September, end of winter). You can see the whole story in Case des Hommes "Rugby à poil" (Naked Rugby) and they are playing against Spanish women.

miracleman said...

Thanks Andre, Now the ladies with the fans also makes more sense. LOL


Anonymous said...

Nude rugby is perfectly legal in San Francisco where there are NO anti-nudity laws at all. As long as you aren't having sex in the street, you can walk about with your pecker flapping in the breeze all you want. WHAT A GREAT CITY!