Sunday, October 02, 2011


This is a segment and the trailer for a short film by Antonio da Silva called Mates.  It's about hooking up and has a very disconcerting feel to it.  The anonymity and the fact that you never see the guys faces is something that seems to be a theme in the gay community that is both hot and strange at the same time.  Most the the pictures guys post online are without heads.


Not Alone said...

Does anyone know where I can see the whole film?

miracleman said...

Hey Not Alone,
I took this info from the filmmaker's web page:
For further information e-mail:

Screenings / 2011:

- Cork Film Festival, Ireland.

- Queer Lisboa Film Festival, Portugal.

- Barcelona Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Spain.

- Berlin Porn Film Festival, Germany.

- Hamburg lesbian and gay film festival, Germany.

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