Friday, August 05, 2011

MY RENT BOY...conclusion

The lobby was carpeted with a colorfully patterned old carpet and an old elevator with a door was directly opposite the front door. The stairs were next to it. He lived on the third floor and I debated whether or not to take the elevator, opting for the stairs because the elevator would probably take forever.

I was remarkably calm. I felt a slight excitement but no nerves. It had been a long time. Too long and after several disappointing dates and almost dates, I was ready. But still there was that still small voice accusing me, trying to make me feel guilty. As a sixty-one year old man I should know better. What I did know was that at my age I would never have the opportunity to make love to a young man like Luke without paying for it.

I found his door and knocked. He opened it and smiled a slightly sheepish smile.


“Hi, come in.”

He was wearing a tank top and blue nylon workout shorts.

“You're much better looking than your picture.”


I closed the door and he led me into the bedroom. For a student he was doing very well. The apartment was painted a sage green with white trim. The furniture was not expensive, but stylish and very masculine. There were two large screen TVs, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom on the wall. A queen size bed with a white comforter sat waiting for us.

“May I use the restroom?”


I had to pee from my large bottled water I downed just before I arrived. I gave myself a few strokes to stoke the fire before I flushed. I had warned him that I might have problems. My age combined with my blood pressure medication were not conducive to achieving and maintaining the hardest erection. I washed my hands and came back to the bedroom. He was standing next to the bed looking a bit nervous. It made me feel in control, so I approached him and put my hands on his chest. My excitement began to take over and my hands started to shake. I kissed him. Softly, gently at first. Just our lips. Then I began to explore his mouth with my tongue. My hands were still shaking as they made their way up his shirt, feeling his torso and chest. I pinched his erect nipples.

“Jesus.” I exclaimed. I had never been with a dude that was this built. I usually prefer jocks with swimmers builds, but the strength of his body and muscles felt really good. “You feel really good.”


I took the edge of his shirt and pulled it up. He took it off. I explored his chest and abs with my hands, mouth and tongue. I sucked on his nipples. I kissed his neck and then I pushed him down on the bed, pulling his legs apart as I got on my knees between his legs. I ran my hands over his immense thighs, reaching up under his shorts. No underwear. I grabbed his semi-erect cock and stroked it. He lay down on his back and sighed. I put my mouth on his cock through his shorts and with my lips ran my mouth up and down the length of it over the material. Grabbing the waistband I slowly slid his shorts off. He was fully hard by now and I took his cock in my hand and stroked it while I licked his balls. He was shaved and smelled clean. My hands were still shaking with excitement and I wished I could get them under control.

As I sucked his cock, I reached down and undid my belt buckle. God, it felt good. I felt emotion rise up in me as I thought about how much I missed this and how grateful I was that I had made this happen. It felt so right. The frustration and pain of being celibate for so long washed away.

I took off my sandals and jeans. I stroked myself as I continued to suck his dick. Slowly my penis responded. He had a nice cock. About eight inches and I attempted to take it all. Like falling off a log. I was happy I hadn't lost that skill. I gagged a little, but I went right back at it and eventually was sucking it like an old whore.

I lifted his legs, making my way down to his hole. I got lost in his ass as he moaned and groaned. I fingered it, ate it and tongue fucked it. I couldn't get enough of his ass.

“Oh yeah.”

“You like that?”

“Fuck yeah.”

We sounded like a pornographic movie.

I climbed up on the bed, lying down next to him.

“Let me watch you jack off.”

He sat up and positioned himself at the head of the bed so I could see him better. He stroked himself and with his other hand played with his hole. I stroked myself as I enjoyed the show. Precum flowing freely.

“Come over here and fuck my mouth.”

He crawled across the bed, positioning himself above me. He leaned forward and I took his cock in my mouth. He leaned over, taking my dick in his mouth.

Back and forth we stroked and sucked. I made him get on his knees and ate some more of that delicious ass.

“You want it?”


He was kneeling over my face stroking his cock.

“Give it to me. Give me your load.”

He came in my mouth and I ate it all. It tasted slightly bitter. I figured it was all the protein he ate.

He lay down on his side and kept stroking himself as I jacked off.

He sat up and positioned himself so that his ass was facing me while he stroked himself and played with his hole. I thought how much he knew what to do. He seemed very intuitive. I was going crazy with lust. I came and he reached down and scooped it up, using it for lube as he jacked off, coming a second time in my mouth.

We lay on our backs, hot and sweating. He sat up and opened the window a little more next to the bed. The white curtains billowed as the cool afternoon breeze blew over our bodies.

“That feels nice.” I said.

We chatted. I found out he had a boyfriend.

“Really, I thought you were straight.”

He was from South Carolina and a finance major. He would be graduating in December, so I made a mental note to make sure I had at least one or two more times with him because he said he would be quitting then.

I washed off a little in the bathroom. He went after me and while he was in there I dressed and put the money on his desk.

“The money's on the desk.”

“Thanks.” he shouted from the bathroom.

We hugged and I kissed his cheek. I said I would be back.


I made my way back to my car and felt wonderful. I felt like I had gained some of the confidence I had lost over the past few years. So what that I paid him two hundred and fifty dollars. It was worth every penny.


SpiritMountainGuy said...

Love the story! Thanks for sharing with us!!! - V

Anonymous said...

this was definitely a different type of MM story. it was a hot tale of who did what to whom. it's what i personally wanted to know. thank you MM for sharing the down and dirty details.
your stories are usually long on character development and short on graphic details. no one is better at creating characters we care about, we love or hate them. and because of that, we FEEL what they are feeling and that creates all the heat that's needed.
this story, by contrast was a non-fictional account of a your experience. you didn't really know Luke and it wouldn't have been plausible if you had fleshed out his character. so it's the difference between fiction and non-fiction. it succeeded because you were able to tell us how YOU were feeling. it was honest and well written. if you had decided to write a fictional version, had you developed Luke's character, it would have been different and perhaps closer to the type of story you excel at. but that's not what you intended to do. you intended to give an account of something that actually happened to you and you did it very well. kudos!

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us. It's not every day that people unveil the secret/hidden sides of themselves. Society teaches us to masks these stories. I appreciate this real and lived story. As a former escort, it's intriguing to get the point of view of the one who paid me $250 plus tip per appointment.