Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Update

So, Sons is completed. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. So satisfying and your response to it has really made it worthwhile. A special thanks to Rugbysex and Peaceman for your feedback.
I just went to the blog to see how it looks and used the translator. I'm so glad I put that on the blog. Hope my foreign friends are enjoying it. I loved seeing my writing translated into French. It's a great way for me to brush up on my French. I know what it is in English when I read it in French. Maybe I could learn Porteguese that way, Ha. Now I will be getting back to Amphibians. Amphibians is much more autobiographical in nature than Sons. Sons I had to research and although I have been to a few of the locals, some were only known to me through my research and the movies. I remember the first time I went to New York City, I felt like I had been there because of all the location shooting in film and television. I'm sure Rome and Paris will feel the same one day. Amphibians on the other hand comes from my experiences growing up on the coast of California. Many of the events and characters are based on reality.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to get back to it for another week. I am going out of town from Saturday to Saturday and will not have access to the blog. I will however, be taking my laptop and hopefully will be writing while I'm in DISNEYLAND. Yes, one whole week, (5 days) in the Happiest Place on Earth. Wish me luck. I'm going with my entire immediate family. We've been planning this for two years.
I want to thank all of my followers for hanging in there with me while I have been in trasition and was not always on top of the blog. Thanks for your patience and faithfulness. It is greatly appreciated. Sometimes I will check the map at the bottom of the page and it is so rewarding to note that my blog is being read by people all over the world. Very humbling.
You may have noticed the PLU button on the side. When you're finished here, check it out for some of the more popular blogs on the Internet. I'm not all that concerned with my numbers, I just feel it is a useful tool if you're in need of some hot sites and hot men.
One more note about Sons. I'm surprised nobody has brought this up. I guess there aren't a whole lot of D.H. Lawrence fans out there. The back story of the gameskeeper John and Lady Reid is from Lady Chatterley's Lover. The location and Mrs. Sellers are also in Lawerence's story. I created the whole story from a section in the book when Constance goes to Germany when she is young and has an affair with a German boy.


Peace Man said...

Perfect ending, loved it. Truly gifted story teller!

miracleman said...

Thank you, Peace Man.