Friday, January 07, 2011

My First Jock Strap

My dad had one in his underwear drawer. It was old and kind of thread bare and the elastic was stretched. It had turned a dingy white color with rust stains. I used to take it out and look at it. Smelled it once. I tried it on in the bathroom with the door locked. I loved how my ass looked in it. I bought my first jock when I was in Junior High and needed one for gym class. I will never forget that first gym class with all the guys undressing and getting into their brand new jocks and gym clothes. One of the guys had a huge black hairy bush. He also had a big cock and loved to parade around naked and took forever to dry off after showering. No problem here. I've forgotten his name, but I remember him well. I was fascinated by the design of the jock with the ass hanging out. Years after I was out of high school I kept my jock and would wear it sometimes instead of underwear. I used to have a couple and have no idea when or why I threw them out because I love the look of an old jock. I think it's time to get another one. Maybe blue or red.


Bear Mark said...

Jocks are the best men. I like new ones, old ones, ones crusty with sweat, piss, and cum! I have about 5 and always looking for more. Any guy is hotter in a jock!

Anonymous said...

Oi bonita este site parece bem estruturado.........Boa pinta :/
Muito agradável faz mais posts deste modo !