Monday, May 31, 2010


It was the Fourth of July weekend and I had wanted to get to the beach and catch some rays. I drove to my favorite beach that had dunes that shielded you from the wind and afforded a bit of privacy. I loved to sunbathe nude and found a spot where I could see the beach and waves and yet was relatively hidden. I laid out my towel and took off my clothes, lying down on my stomach facing the Pacific. The sun beat down on my back and butt and soon I needed to cool off, so I ran to the water and dove in. I swam out a ways and then walked back up the beach and lay on my back, soaking in the sunlight.
A shadow crossed my closed eyes and I opened them.
"Mind if I join you?" he asked. He was naked and had a bit of hard on already. He was very tan and had a few pock marks or acne scars on his cheeks and shoulders. I had just graduated from High School and had very little experience with guys. None of my friends knew I was gay and my heart started pounding as I replied.
He sat down in the sand and stretched out his legs.
"Beautiful day, isn't it?"
He reached down and stroked his cock as it grew even larger. He had a very big dick. He saw me looking at him and took my hand, placing it on his dick. I stroked it for a while as it got rock hard. He moved closer to me, grabbing my growing penis. stroking it until I was as hard as he was. He leaned over, taking my cock in his mouth while he positioned himself so I had access to his cock too. We lay there in the sand mutually sucking on each other's cocks. My heart felt like it would burst out of my chest. I could feel myself getting closer as I looked up and saw another guy standing on the top of the dune stroking himself. He walked down to where we were laying and knelt down in the sand next to us.
I panicked. Suddenly I was afraid that I was in over my head. I sat up as the new guy reached out and started jacking my guy off. I stood and ran to the water with my semi-hard cock flopping against my stomach and legs. The water was cool as I dove in. I turned, looking up to the dunes, but could not see the two guys. I felt exhilarated and terrified at the same time.
When I walked up to get my clothes and towel, the two guys were going at it. My guy was fucking the new guy and they hardly noticed me while I gathered my things. I left feeling sad and excited. This was my first of many encounters with guys at the beach.
Getting Wet...Together

RIP Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Chapter 6
After dinner, Miles and I found a torch and roamed the house, exploring as much as we could. There were five bedrooms on the second story and two large rooms on the third floor. Upstairs, only my room and the one occupied by Miles had any furniture in them. The ground level had the large foyer, a library, the dining room, the kitchen, servant’s quarters and a large sitting room with French doors that led out onto a stone porch with stairs down to the gardens.
We built a fire in the library fireplace and sat in the only two chairs, finishing off the wine. The library was still stocked with books and there was a large painting of my mother over the mantle.
Before she had gone to bed, Mrs. Sellers had taken us into the library to show us the portrait.
“Isn’t she lovely?” Mrs. Sellers asked.
“Yes, very.” I replied.
“I can see a little of thee in her, Stephen,” Miles said.
“Yes, you definitely have her lovely coloring,” Mrs. Sellers said.
In the painting my mother is outdoors wearing a riding outfit and is standing next to a roan mare. She is wearing a riding hat and her blond hair is pulled back. She is holding gloves and a riding crop in her hands. Her gaze follows you around the room. Her eyes are blue and piercing and she has a lovely half smile that suggests secret knowledge and sadness.
As the fire crackled and warmed the room, I could not keep my eyes off the painting as she stared down at me. Miles got up from his chair and lay down on the rug in front of the hearth. He turned on his side, facing me with his back to the fire.
“She’s lovely, Stevie.”
“I know. I can’t stop staring at her.”
“I noticed. Yer a lucky man.”
“Am I?”
“Look at this place. Sure it needs work, but for a while at least thee has a roof over yer head.”
“I wonder if it was hard for her to leave me in Germany?”
“Those kinda thoughts’ll drive thee crazy.” He took a drink from his wine. “Come here.”
I looked down at the beautiful man lying on the carpet in front of me. His eyes registered love and acceptance. Miles had changed into his civilian clothes for the first time since I’d met him. He wore brown corduroy trousers and a dark blue cambric shirt. His hair covered his forehead and he brushed it back with his hand. He patted the carpet as I took the last drink of my wine and set the glass on the floor next to my chair. I stood and walked over to where he lay. I knelt down next to him as he rolled over onto his back.
The light from the fire illuminated his skin and his blue eyes flickered orange with the firelight. His loveliness took my breath away as I leaned over, kissing him on the mouth. His tongue darted into my mouth and I fought back with mine. We battled for a moment and then I relinquished my advances and lay down next to him on the carpet.
“I don’t think I can make love in this room.”
“Why, because of the portrait?” he asked and I nodded. He put his arms around me, holding me as the fire crackled and spit.
In the morning I woke confused and bewildered, wondering where I was. I was alone in the bed as I slowly remembered moving up the stairs from the library and making love to Miles. It all came back to me as I stretched, remembering the night before.
Miles had been so gentle, so loving. We made love for what seemed like hours with Miles taking his time when he entered me, slowly driving me insane with lust. We fell asleep, naked in one another’s arms. He must have returned to his room sometime before the dawn.
I climbed out of bed, shivering with the cold. I grabbed the spread from the bed, threw it around my shoulders and walked into the bathroom off my new bedroom. The room appeared to have been remodeled sometime in the twenties with a tile floor. There was a separate room for the commode with a pull chain on a tank hanging on the wall. I pissed and flushed. The bath was a large cast iron porcelain claw foot tub under a window that looked out onto the gardens. I walked over and turned on the hot water. It took a lifetime to heat up and eventually the tub was full of steaming hot water.
While the tub filled I clutched the blanket around me and looked out onto the gardens and the porch below. The day was bright and clear and the trees swayed with a gentle breeze. There was a rose garden within a boxwood maze that was overgrown, sadly in need of trimming and pruning. In the center of the maze stood a large raised fountain covered in moss and algae. In the center another fountain rose out of the water and dripped slowly into the pool below. Directly ahead, the garden ended at a tall hedge and I could see the tops of trees from the forest beyond. A large lawn to the left of the garden sloped down, with stone terraces ending at a gate with more hedges and forest. Everywhere there were imposing old oak trees that dotted the edge of the lawn and surrounded the house.
As I stood there waiting for the tub to fill, surveying the estate, Miles walked out onto the porch below and stopped at the top of the stairs down to the garden. He placed his hands on his hips and stood tall, pushing out his chest. He stood there for a moment and then turned, looking back at the house. His gaze eventually made its way to the second floor where he saw me looking out the window at him. He waved and seemed somewhat embarrassed. I waved back at him as he walked back towards the house.
I dropped the blanket that covered me and climbed into the tub, easing myself slowly into the hot water. The heat began to caress every inch of my body as I slowly began to relax, slipping into a calm sense of well-being as my pores opened and I began to sweat. There was a bar of old soap in a brass holder on the edge of the tub. After some effort I worked the bar into a lather and began to wash my body. I used the soap to wash my hair and face and then slipped under the water to rinse myself off. I took a deep breath and stayed under the water for a moment, enjoying the luxury of a bath after so long. As I held my breath, listening to the sound of my heartbeat, I heard the sound of footsteps on the tile floor. I shot up out of the bathwater, catching my breath and opening my eyes, I saw Miles standing above me looking down with a smile.
“Looks like his Ladyship is startin’ the day out right. Mind if I join thee?” He removed his clothes and was soon slipping into the hot water at the opposite end of the tub. “Ahh,” he sighed as his feet slipped past my hips and my feet rested near his crotch. I brought my right foot up to his chest, massaging him with the sole of my foot. He took my foot in his hand and began to suck on my toes. I squirmed in the water.

“It tickles,” I protested. He held my foot as I tried to slip away and was soon licking the bottom of my foot. I relaxed, enjoying the sensations. With my other foot I rubbed his hardening cock until it poked its head out of the surface of the water. Miles took the bar of soap and began cleaning my feet; first one and then the other as I relaxed at the end of the tub. He was forced to sit upright and away from the faucet at his back.
Miles replaced the bar and I picked it up from the holder, “Turn around and let me wash your back,” I said. He threw his legs over the edge of the tub and switched positions, sliding back between my legs. I massaged his neck and shoulders with the soap.
“Stand up,” I commanded. He stood with his backside facing me and I lathered his strong buttocks and the backs of his muscled legs. I moved back up his legs, venturing into his crack. He jumped a little.
“Careful, that’s virgin territory,” he laughed.

I rubbed the soap into his crack and slowly he relaxed, arching his back a little as he let out a small moan. He turned around to face me, his rigid cock in my face.
“Thou art not done yet.” I lathered the soap in my hands, set it back in the holder and soaped up his cock and balls. He closed his eyes, enjoying the moment. I stroked him for awhile and then took water from the tub to rinse off the soap. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and drew him closer to me, taking him into my mouth. As the moment approached he pulled out.
“Not yet,” he whispered breathlessly.
He sat back down between my legs and slid down to the end of the tub and lay down with his head on my stomach to rinse himself off. He sat back up and pressed himself against my hard cock. He moved around as he pressed his backside up against me. I reached around to his chest and massaged him with the soap and pinched his nipples.
“Well, let me at least wash your hair then,” I said. He lay back, getting his hair wet between my legs and sat up again. I took the soap, lathering his head with it. His hair was thick and full. When I had finished shampooing his hair and massaging his scalp, I stood up and climbed out of the tub. “You can have the tub to yourself now to relax and rinse the soap out of your hair.” I grabbed a large towel that was folded on a shelf and began to dry myself off as I watched him lie back in the water, rinsing his beautiful black hair. His cock had gone down somewhat, bobbing on the surface as he lay there in the water. I crossed over to the sink to shave. I could see him in the mirror.
“Thou art truly beautiful, Miles Sheffington,” I said as I watched him clean his feet.
“Listen to thee, I’ll have thee talking like a North Country boy soon enough,” he laughed.
The Dew on the Lily

Pre-ejaculate (also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid, preseminal fluid, or Cowper's fluid, and colloquially as pre-cum) is the clear, colorless, viscous fluid that emits from the urethra of a man's penis when he is sexually aroused. It is similar in composition to semen, but has some significant chemical differences. The presence of sperm in the fluid is very unlikely. Pre-ejaculate is believed to function as a lubricant and an acid neutralizer. The amount of pre-ejaculate emitted varies widely between individual men. Slang terms for pre-ejaculate include pre-come, pre-cum, dog water, and speed drop.
I love pre-cum. I'm a big drooler. Apart from any initial lubricant, I never need to re-lubricate my cock when I masturbate. Father Nature provides ample amounts of "dog water" to keep me going. I love the taste of it. I love to see guys play with their pre-cum and I get very excited when I see them taste it.
When I started writing this entry I researched a website that I had seen in the past and was disappointed to see that Joel Gabriel had taken down all the videos of him pre-cumming. That boy has more pre-cum that most guys have in an average cum load. He is an amazing edger and when he does shoot; look out! I was sad to not find his videos. You can check out his blog and read about his tantric and multi-orgasmic life.

Getting Wet

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Few More Rear Views

Getting Wet
My Morning Wank
This morning I got off to a hot threesome from Corbin Fisher. Lovely Travis, a very enthusiastic bottom over there, took on Derek and Jeff. Midway through the fucking, Travis was riding cowboy on Derek and Jeff slipped on a condom and slipped his dick in to join them in a double penetration. By the end of the shoot they were all hot and sweaty and Travis had taken Jeff's load in his mouth and was covered in his and Derek's cum. I love watching Travis get fucked. He stays rock hard the entire time and obviously enjoys the hell out of it. I had to hold back several times during this video, the action was so hot. Derek is a sexy fucker and if you've ever seen him in his solo, he knows how to trash talk with the best of them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Men of the Vampire Diaries

I've already posted about my love of Vampires and the Vampire Diaries, although at times a bit juvenile, can be very entertaining and there is a lot of male eye candy. Usually shot in dim lighting and with very sexy angles and close-ups, here are a few of the main characters I love to watch.

Paul Wesley plays Stefan Salvatore, one of the two brothers who were turned during the mid nineteenth century by the vampire, Katherine. Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev is the dead ringer for Katherine and Nina gets to play the badass vampire and the love of both Salvatore brothers. The smoking hot, Ian Sommerhalder plays the bad boy, Damon Salvatore who has been searching for Katherine for over a hundred years and has come back to Mystic Falls to wreak havoc on the community and his brother, Stefan who has lost his taste for human blood. The grandson of Steve McQueen, Steven R. McQueen plays Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's perpetually petulant and brooding younger brother. Zach Roerig plays Matt, Elena's former boyfriend and Michael Trevino plays the spoiled young son of the town's Mayor. Matthew Davis, who starred alongside Colin Farrell in Tigerland, plays the High School History teach who's wife was turned by Damon. I included a couple of shots of hottie Sean Farris who had a cameo role as Ben who gets turned and then is killed.

This is a butt shot of Paul Wesley in Wolf Lake.