Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've been thinking a lot lately. I started this blog to share more personal stories and aspects of my life and I've been so busy I neglected the purpose. I do share my writing and my paintings, but I've gotten away from the deeper issues. I'm researching a new musical I'm writing. It's based on the Shakespeare saga of Hal, Henry V and takes place in modern San Francisco. I thought about setting it in New York, but I have only visited and it would not ring true. The cast will consist of mostly runaways, young hustlers, prostitutes, trannies and Hal will be the young son of the mayor who hangs out with them and falls in love with a tranny named Jonny/Joy. I may change the names, but for now that's who they are. If you know the story of Henry V, he hangs out with all the low lifes in London until he ascends to the throne and then denies them and even has a few of them thrown in jail. His sidekick, Falstaff dies and Henry doesn't even show any remorse. I want to use the music of a well known singer/songwriter who's music fits the play perfectly. My last musical sits away somewhere waiting for the music to be written. I started out with a composer and his music was perfect, but his life was a shambles, which was unknown to me at the time. He dropped off the planet and I had to find a new composer. Well, we came to agreement that his music and his commitment were not right and two weeks later my first composer gets in touch with me. He has cleaned up and is sober and wants to work on the show again. His life has really turned around and he has stopped working on the show and is focused on his career and has been touring for months. So, that's why I want to use music that's already written. I would have to deal with another artistic personality, but at least we would not be working from scratch.
My life has been pretty boring otherwise. I need a man in my life. I have been without for far too long. I hate going to the bars and hooking up online. I haven't been out much lately and have no idea how to meet someone these days. I've been cut off from my friends and my theatre life for a long time. That was how I met guys in the past. Any suggestions?

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