Monday, May 17, 2010

The Men of the Vampire Diaries

I've already posted about my love of Vampires and the Vampire Diaries, although at times a bit juvenile, can be very entertaining and there is a lot of male eye candy. Usually shot in dim lighting and with very sexy angles and close-ups, here are a few of the main characters I love to watch.

Paul Wesley plays Stefan Salvatore, one of the two brothers who were turned during the mid nineteenth century by the vampire, Katherine. Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev is the dead ringer for Katherine and Nina gets to play the badass vampire and the love of both Salvatore brothers. The smoking hot, Ian Sommerhalder plays the bad boy, Damon Salvatore who has been searching for Katherine for over a hundred years and has come back to Mystic Falls to wreak havoc on the community and his brother, Stefan who has lost his taste for human blood. The grandson of Steve McQueen, Steven R. McQueen plays Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's perpetually petulant and brooding younger brother. Zach Roerig plays Matt, Elena's former boyfriend and Michael Trevino plays the spoiled young son of the town's Mayor. Matthew Davis, who starred alongside Colin Farrell in Tigerland, plays the High School History teach who's wife was turned by Damon. I included a couple of shots of hottie Sean Farris who had a cameo role as Ben who gets turned and then is killed.

This is a butt shot of Paul Wesley in Wolf Lake.

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