Friday, July 30, 2010

I apologize for the past few days. I've had issues with my monitor and computer and I have been driving back and forth to the coast for a job interview. I still have to take another 2 1/2 hour drive for one more interview, but it looks like I will be the new wine specialist at a Wine and Cheese Bar just south of San Francisco on the coast. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. Aside from getting published and my plays being produced, this has been a dream of mine for a long time.

Regarding Sons; I have reached the place where I have stopped writing and will have to set aside time to continue with the story. Sorry. It will probably be a week or more before I can post another chapter. I had written the first 8 chapters and stopped a while ago and now must return to it. Please be patient.

I am also in the works with a friend of mine to start producing erotic gay and straight short films on a website. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in as we are gauging interest. It would include some hard core elements but focus primarily on character and story.


Anonymous said...

i hope u secure the position you want. i'm a new morning rain shower devotee and hopelessly smitten by Miles & Stevie. u obviously have ur priorities str8 and i'll just have to be patient.

gp said...

Best of luck with the job! Have you taken classes to be a sommelier or have other experience in the wine business? Besides drinking it that is :).

miracleman said...

Yes, I have been in the wine industry for 20 years and will be the wine specialist and eventually the wine buyer for a wine and cheese shop. They just hired a very large French Cheesemonger. I'm very excited.

rugbysex, Thanks for the kudos and yes, I too am in love with Miles. I write stories I would love to read.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the job. Cant wait to read more of Sons. Short films sounds very interesting too! Cant wait. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The short films idea sounds really cool! Keep us up-to-date on that. :)