Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Morning Dew

I know it's not sexy or even remotely cool to talk about losing your prostate and believe me, for someone who was a chronic masturbator, it wasn't sexy or cool, but a huge loss. My prostate was so much apart of my daily life. At first there were very dark thoughts and the grieving process is still going on. It was like losing a good friend. Being able to just share it on my blog is helping. 
The prostate produces semen which carries the sperm during ejaculation. It's where precum is produced. I was a heavy precummer. I had no need for lube and when I was younger I could produce precum by squeezing my pelvic floor. As I aged, it just leaked out as I jacked off. I miss it the most. I loved the taste of it, the silky feel of it on my penis. I loved to play with it and I love watching other guys play with it and eat it. 
I can still masturbate and produce an orgasm. The first time I tried it after the surgery I cried when I came. I thanked God and the universe. I was so grateful because at the time I felt that everything had been taken from me. My penis has shrunk from both the hormone therapy and the surgery. I don't have as many blood vessels going into my cock. When I jack off I can get my dick to about the size it was when it was flacid before the operation. I use coconut oil for lube and when I come it can be even more intense than before. There is no ejaculate. I sometimes shoot a little piss, but the sensations are just like before with less mess. 
I miss my boner. I miss precum and somedays I miss shooting cum. I was a big shooter and there is a certain amount of pleasure derived from watching your cock spew. Now, everyday is adjusting to the new normal. 


whkattk said...

Damn! Bro, I had no idea you were going through this. I am so very sorry.

When my brother had his prostate removed, he went to a sex therapist to learn how to get hard and cum. He asked her why doctors don't tell their patients that they will lose penile length. She said, "Because if we told them, they wouldn't have the surgery."

It sounds is if you are able to orgasm - that's good. I hope you are able to find ways to increase the firmness of your boners.

My warmest hugs, buddy!

miracleman said...

I'm thinking of getting a penis pump. Did your brother have any tricks for getting a boner?