Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I went to the Fayre this weekend. Back in the eighties, I used to perform at the Southern California Pleasure Faire in Agoura Hills, California. It was in May/June and we would spend the night in a campground with the other Faire Folk each weekend. Oh, those were good times. The after hours shows were amazing. The Flying Karamotzov Brothers almost caught the Turkish Bazaar tent on fire one night with their juggling act. I used to love the heat and dust and lusty atmosphere. This faire was a little bit more low key and really geared to families and kids. Lots of great things to do; Archery, belly dancers, tarot readings, henna tattoos. I found a great looking guy and followed him around a bit and caught him when he took off his shirt, soaked it in water and then put it back on. He left the park and went back to the campsites and my fantasy took me back there with him and I gave him a blow job. There was also a guy dressed as a centaur/pan character in horse legs. Check out the guy at the table. He walked around the faire like the cock of the walk. Very cute and a great looking rapier.

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